Podcast: Beatles in the USSR

Podcast: Beatles in the USSR

BBC Documentary
Friday 13 February 2009
Duration: 21 mins

As Beatlemania swept throughout the world in 1964, it seemed unable to penetrate the Iron Curtain. However, an underground culture grew which used ingenious ways to discover the Beatles’ music. Paul Gambaccini reveals the extraordinary ways the Beatles’ music was listened to in the Soviet Union during the 1960s. Did the music and spirit of The Beatles help to end communism?

Podcast: Beatles in the USSR – BBC 2009

Johan and Paul in USSR


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I'm studying archival science (include records management). My studies bring me to Bulgaria for six months.

I have been to Bulgaria on vacation but I don't know the language, Cyrillic alphabet or anybody. So I´ll be encountering many new situations and hopefully gain some insights from them. Some of it may end up on my blog. But even blogging is new to me sooo we´ll see...

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