Activist´s Guide to Archiving Video from

There is a lot of useful and practical information for human rights (or other) activists on´s webpage and blog. In the previous post I added files and links about series of what to consider when filming. After filming you also need to take care of, archive and perhaps share the video material. Actually already when filming you need to make decisions that will affect the archiving including accessibility. They have an entire page that takes you through the process step by step; Create, Transfer, Acquire, Organize, Store, Catalogue, Preserve and Share. The page also translates to Spanish and Arabic (I think). The PDF-files below are from that webpage, so take a look or download them.

Activists Guide to Archiving Video – 2013

Guía para Activistas para Archivar Video – 2013

Or better yet, check out the webpage itself:´s Guide to Archiving Video-material




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