News: Bulgarian MEP Calls Metalheads “Drug Addicts”, They Respond In Kind

27 May 2014


The recently elected for Bulgarian MEP journalist-turned-politician Nikolai Barekov on Sunday called a group of metalheads “a pack of drug addicts”, because they jeered at him.

On his way to the press centre on Sunday night Barekov and his retinue passed by a night club in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria, where was taking place a concert of the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. The fans gathered outside the club started hooting and taunting Barekov, but, according to reports, the unexpected encounter was brief and otherwise non-violent.

“I passed by a pack of drug addicts on my way to here,” Barekov told the journalists in the press center.

On Tuesday the Bulgarian-language website OffNews published an open letter of the fans to Barekov:

“Esteemed” Mr. Barekov,

We are the people who jeered at you and your retinue, when you passed through the underpass in front of the Mixtape 5 club, where was taking place a concert of one our favorite bands.

We are writing to you to let you know, that we jeered at you not because we were high on drugs or inadequate. Since you decided to become a politician, you should realise that when people tell you clearly that they don’t like you, you must seek the problem within you. The reason for our reaction were not mind altering substances, but our honest opinion on you and your actions.

We understand that our black clothes and long hair may have scared you a bit, but your reaction is not appropriate for a European politician. We know that for you anything different from chalga maybe looks weird and illogical, but the truth is that we have gathered to attend a concert, which to us has a lot more meaningful and cultural message than your entire populist campaign. If you were indeed worthy of a European politician, you wouldn’t have used wrongful stereotypes to explain the event. We do not like you not because we are idiots, punks and drug addicts, but because we are not.

We are happy that at least briefly, a Bulgarian politician was scared of what the people could do to him when they meet him in the streets, even though we do not condone physical violence. This feeling must be familiar to every Bulgarian politician. The only way to stop the thief from thieving is to make him be afraid of the consequences.

But, don’t worry, Mr. Barekov. It is not your fault that you came upon a group of people who are not afraid to tell you what they think of you in your face. Perhaps any other Bulgarian politician who passed by us, would have gotten the same treatment. Because, unfortunately, in Bulgarian politics scum floats. Dear Bulgarian politicians, we are ashamed of all of you.

Also, Mr. Barekov, we would like to point out that in our opinion, it is distasteful of a Bulgarian politician to speak of drug addicts, considering that most likely your sponsors who pay for your despicable campaign, each night consume considerable amounts of expensive white powder in the chalga clubs.

So, Mr. Barekov, face the truth – the problem is in you, not in us.


beer drinking, not drug taking, fans of quality music who do not like neither you, nor anyone of the thieving political “elite”.”



News: Documents, Books and Water at the Balkans

23 May 2014

Floods Destroy Judicial Documents in Bosnia


The extensive floods in Bosnia-Herzegovina have destroyed key files of local courts and the Prosecution.

“We are doing all we can to save the flooded documents on the ground floor, which was worst hit by the surge. We took the files outside to dry them, and we took parts upstairs, because they are extremely important”, the President of the District Court in Doboj Dusko Ninkovic told BIRN.

Water has completely flooded the ground floor, the basement and parts of the first floor of the Doboj court. Employees are working on clearing up the damage to the building, which is now covered in mud.

Other judicial buildings were damaged in Prijedor, Bijeljina, Kakanj, Gradacac, and Sanski Most, Balkan Insight added. As a result, some of the ongoing trials will need to be suspended temporarily. The most important files concerning war crimes, however, have been stored on the upper floors of the courts.

The floods in Bosnia-Herzegovina have claimed 21 lives so far, while thousands of homes are damaged.

24 May 2014

Bulgaria’s Black Sea Resort Albena Opens Beach Library


For the second consecutive year, Bulgaria’s Black Sea resort Albena has opened the season of reading with the first EU beach library.

The library is located on the beach and on its shelves are arranged over 6000 volumes in more than 15 languages. It is completely free and offers world classics, thrillers, mysteries, romantic readings, memoirs.

The beach library is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and in Europe, as well. Two new libraries on the beach will be opened in June, Bulgarian National Radio informs.


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